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Challenge 21
Test Purchasing

Challenge 21 Training

Challenge 21 Test Purchasing

Challenge 21 Mystery Shopping: Teams of 1,2, or 3 purchasers (with a supervisor) visit your outlets and attempt to purchase age related products. Teams are dressed and act in a manner that makes it clear they are potentially underaged and therefore liable to challenge, whether for alcohol, cigarettes, or other products

If challenged, the purchaser will claim not to have ID and may push for sale to be made

All transactions are filmed using bodyworn cameras and recorded via hidden digital recording equipmentExtensive reports and summaries will be fed back to client, together with a report, recordings and video footage

Note is made of POS material etc

Test purchasing by trained personnel appearing underaged

  • Purchasers active in teams with supervisor
  • Bodyworn cameras film transaction
  • Digital audio record of conversation
  • Full reporting and analysis with statistics
  • Filming of POS material and transaction
  • We also support clients with exhibition, training and promotion

    Training is delivered on-site, tailor-made to your operation, and delivered by young Investigators experienced in testing age related sales.  A typical programme will include:

  • What are Age Restricted Products and the fines attached to underage sales
  • The background and reason behind Challenge 21 and Think 21?
  • What are appropriate forms of ID
  • How to ask, refuse and accept ID for a sale
  • Outlets are supplied with free posters to support all ID check
  • Much more than sitting staff in front of a computer to undertake come ‘virtual’ training, our experienced Challenge21 specialised investigators offer an interactive workshop including presentations, role play, and even a quiz!

    Free Challenge 21 posters

    Free Challenge 21 POS

    We are happy to supply 'Challenge 21' posters in wipe-clean plastic free-of-charge for Challenge 21, Challenge 25, proxy purchasing, statement of the licensing act for sales of alcohol, cigarettes, offensive weapons, fireworks and petrol. Click here for more details

    Challenge 21 Training

    Challenge 21 Training

    Training: Our Fixed-Price training days at your premises are inexpensive from as little as £13.75 / person for a 2-3 hour course with tutors. The course will keep staff up to date, and keep you in good standing with the authorities, protecting your licence and your livelihood

    Challenge 21 training rates

    Challenge 21 Rates

    Price Tariff for all Challenge 21 Training and Test Purchasing services. Training is provided on-site or by arrangement at our offices where we will induct you in how to avoid underage sales, and therefore avoid the pain of a licence review or fines that damage the reputation of your business