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Challenge 21
Test Purchasing

Test Purchasing stores in a controlled exercise enabling you to evaluate your staff's performance in Challenge 21. Telephone 01428 658493 or email

Challenge 21 Test Purchasing

Our teams of Challenge 21 test purchasers, all appearing of an age where they should be asked for identification, will test purchase your supermarket, pub, bar, restaurant, hotel or DIY store and attempt to buy age related products

The attempted purchase is recorded, and videoed, and the results reported to you to evaluate

We also support clients with exhibition, training and promotion

Call Challenge 21 on 01428 658493 for more information and to arrange a programme or


Challenge 25 Training

Challenge 21 training spares you the pain of a licence review and fine

Free Challenge 21 posters

Clear pricing tariff for low cost training and testing pricing for Challenge 21